School Board

School Board

Doug Norcross – Ward A

Doug Norcross and his wife, Sue, are active citizens of Waynesboro and are now enjoying retirement.
Doug has three children. He lost his son Kevin to cancer in 2003. He has two daughters; Drema Antes, and Granddaughter Caitlin; Ashley Adams and her husband Aaron, who have two daughters, Avery Lynn and Abigail. Ashley is a licensed Registered Nurse at UVA hospital. Aaron is a Deputy Sheriff in Culpeper County and both are 2003 graduates of Waynesboro High School. Doug enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf, bowling, watching and listening to political talk shows.

Doug has devoted many years to Waynesboro Schools. Waynesboro has a strong tradition of having one of the best school systems in the state and we continue today with that tradition. We never forget who we are serving — the children of Waynesboro. We want the very best education for each child no matter what their culture or ethnic background. It is with pleasure that I serve on the Waynesboro School Board.

Melinda Ferguson – Ward B

Melinda received her Bachelor’s of Arts degree from the University of Texas at Austin in 1988. She then completed medical school at the University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston and was awarded a Doctor of Medicine in 1992. Following completion of her residency training in Obstetrics and Gynecology at the University of Virginia, she taught in the medical school there for two years before entering private practice in the community in 1998. She is currently practicing at Waynesboro Women’s Health. She and her husband, Dr. Michael Brookings, have lived in Waynesboro since 1995.

Melinda has two children in the Waynesboro school system. Nick is in eighth grade at Kate Collins Middle School and Ellie is in third grade at Berkeley Glenn.

The wonderful experiences and quality education that her children are receiving through the Waynesboro Public Schools motivated her to express an interest in completing Dr. Johnathan Lovelady’s term on the School Board, and she is very grateful for the opportunity. The challenge of continuing to provide the best possible educational experience for every child in today’s increasingly difficult fiscal and social environment will best be met by a collaborative, creative, and open team of educational profesionals and families, and she looks forward to participating in that process.

William M. Foster  – Ward C

Will FosterWill and his wife have lived in Waynesboro since 2003. Their two children are students in the Waynesboro Public School system as third and fourth graders at William Perry Elementary.

Will attended Liberty University where he studied Business and Religion. Prior, he studied Computer Science and Engineering at American National University.

Currently a Hospitality Professional in Hotel Management, Will has received national recognition among his peers for his work in the industry. He has helped to manage hotels that have consistently received the Platinum Award for Excellence and achieving a #1 ranking in
their brand in 2012.

As an entrepreneur. Will’s entrepreneurial interest began in 1995 when he founded UP Athletic, a sports apparel company. As a spin-off of UP Athletic, he founded Athlete International Marketing (AIM) a sport marketing firm that sought and negotiated endorsement contracts for Professional Athletes (primarily NFL players). The company was successful negotiating contracts with major sports apparel and telecommunications companies. He is also the Founder & CEO of; a social networking internet site that allows college students in the U.S. and abroad to campaign for funds to supplement their tuition cost. He saw the need for such a platform because of the continued increases in tuition cost and student loan interest rates. Although being an entrepreneur and hotel management professional are rewarding. Will realizes it is only through education that dreams can become reality. Whether one is formally educated or self educated, the fundamental cornerstone to success is education.

A firm believer that creativity should never lose its place in the classroom. Will hopes to accomplish this while serving on the Gifted and Talented Advisory Committee to recognize and champion the creativity of students. He also believes that STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) education should be a primary focus within Waynesboro’s Public Schools. He recognizes it as a key component in the future of innovation and entrepreneurialship.

Being active within the community is important. Will devotes his time to coaching little league football in the WQC (Waynesboro Quarterback Club) and baseball with the WYBS. He also has shown his commitment to humanitarian efforts by leading mission teams to Asia where children were fed and school supplies were provided in economically challenged areas. With the goal to ensure all students are afforded the best educational opportunities and teachers the resources to produce productive, creative, and thriving students who will ultimately become productive citizens.

Will welcomes the opportunity to serve the children of Waynesboro Public Schools in achieving
educational excellence.

Kathe Maneval – Ward D - Chairman

Kathe is a graduate of Swarthmore College, Swarthmore, PA, where she majored in psychology and religion. She received her Master of Science in Education degree from the University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA. Following her formal education, Kathe worked with disabled adults in a variety of programs, ultimately managing the vocational and independent living programs at Easter Seals in Georgetown, Delaware. Kathe also holds a certificate as a Certified Public Accountant (not in public practice) from Delaware.

Kathe and her husband, Tom, are both Delaware natives. They have lived in Waynesboro since 2000, when Tom was transferred from DuPont in northern Pennsylvania. Tom currently works as a Packaging Equipment Specialist Team Leader at MillerCoors in Elkton, VA. Tom and Kathe have four children: Michael, a junior, and Alex, a freshman, at The College of William and Mary; Elizabeth, 11th grade (SVGS and WHS); and, Patrick, 9th grade (WHS).

Kathe has been an active volunteer in the Waynesboro Public Schools since her eldest child entered kindergarten in 2000. She facilitated gaining tax-exempt status for both Westwood Hills and Berkeley Glenn PTOs, and most recently for Kate Collins Middle School PTO. Kathe served as Treasurer for Westwood Hills PTO for nine years and served as Treasurer for Kate Collins PTO for two years. She also served on the Superintendent’s Budget Review Team for two years prior to becoming a school board member.

In addition to these activities, Kathe currently serves as Treasurer and Committee Chairman for Boy Scout Troop 73 at Westminster Presbyterian Church. In 2007, Kathe was awarded the Good Neighbor Award by the Newark Area Welfare Committee (Newark, DE) for her volunteer work with that organization. In 2010, Kathe was recognized by the Waynesboro Fire Department Volunteers for her volunteer assistance; and in 2011 she received Honorary Membership in the Waynesboro Fire Department.

Kathe is honored to have this opportunity to serve the children and families of Waynesboro. She wants to help ensure that the Waynesboro Public School division continues to have the resources it needs to provide a quality education to every student, while making the best use of its available resources. She is committed to helping the Waynesboro Public School division increase its success in all areas of education.


Shelly Laurenzo - At Large

Laurenzo Profile PicShelly is a Shenandoah Valley native, having been raised in Staunton. She went on to receive her Bachelor of Arts degree in philosophy from James Madison University and a Master of Education degree in higher education administration from the College of William and Mary.  Shelly currently serves as a career and academic advisor at James Madison University.

Shelly is married to Eric Laurenzo, a local attorney, and they are parents to a precocious toddler who manages to keep them very busy.

Shelly has always held a strong belief that public schools are a great value to the local community.  She understands what a powerful role that a great public education can play in the life of a child, as she is the product of such.  She is forever indebted to her own teachers, educators and administrators who, throughout her matriculation, inspired her to greater heights of achievement.

Shelly is grateful for the opportunity to serve the community in a role that is so meaningful to her personally, and looks forward to working with the board and the community towards ensuring a bright future for all of the children of Waynesboro.