Governance Norms & Protocols

Waynesboro City School Board 

Governance Norms & Protocols 

We agree to employ the following norms in all our interactions: 

We will hear each opinion, but ultimately act as one. We will speak candidly and  courteously to each other and listen to dissenting or different viewpoints with an open  mind. We will help each other to depersonalize disagreements. Once we reach a  decision or compromise as a board, we will each support the will of the board in word  and deed. 

The chairman (or designee) will speak as the official voice of the board. A single  board member will not represent the board without the consent of the board. Board  members making personal statements (in any format, including speeches, articles, social  media posts, etc.) should clearly state that these statements are their opinion and not  the position of the board. As a courtesy, board members will communicate with the  school board chair and the Superintendent when any invitations to speak are received if  invited in the capacity of an elected official or a topic relevant to school board matters. 

We will be mindful of the different roles and responsibilities throughout the school  system and maintain a focus on policy and governance. We will be focused on our  work as a board and not interfere with the day-to-day operations of the school  system, which is the responsibility of the superintendent who serves as the  subject-matter expert.  

We will be aware of the different roles that we play as individuals (board member,  citizen, parent, etc.).  

We will maintain open communication with each other and the administration.  Information shared with one board member will be shared with all members. If  considerable work or time is required to generate data, the full board must endorse the  request.

We agree to follow the following protocols:

Developing the board  agenda

The chairman and vice chairman meet with the  superintendent to develop the agenda.

Placing items on the  board meeting agenda

The board member will contact the chair or superintendent  by the Tuesday prior to the Thursday agenda review  meeting to add items to the agenda.

Obtaining information  about board meeting  agenda items before  the meeting

The board member will contact the Superintendent or the  chairman with questions prior to the meeting.

Responding to  

comments at board  meetings

Board members will not respond to comments during  board meetings. The superintendent will follow up with the  community member after the board meeting if needed.

Responding to staff or  community complaints  outside of board  


Refer the individual to the appropriate staff member and  inform the superintendent.


between and among  board members

Communication via phone calls is encouraged between  board members.


between board  

members and the  


The Superintendent will email board members with  general information. Specific topics can be discussed in  person or via a phone call.


between board  

members and staff  

(including requests for  information)

Board members will contact the superintendent with  questions, concerns and requests for information. The  chairman should be cc’ed on email communication.

Assignment of  

committee members  when representing  

the school board

Assignments are made at the July meeting by consensus  or as needed throughout the year. Any requests for  representation by members of the school board to serve on  a group or committee will come through the chair and vice  chair through a request form.

Committee reporting  expectations

Reports are made at the monthly board meeting, if  applicable.

Responding to media  inquiries

The chairman will be the spokesperson for actions taken by  the board. 

The superintendent or designee will respond to day-to-day  operation questions.

Use of social media 

The board will create a social media policy for board  members.

How, when and whom  to notify about visiting  school sites

Board members will contact the superintendent prior to  visiting school sites in the capacity of a board member.

How, when and whom  to notify about  

volunteering in schools  or at school events

Board members will contact the superintendent prior to  volunteering in schools.

How, when and whom  to notify about  

attending school  

events (concerts,  

sporting events, etc.)

Attendance at school events is encouraged.

Expectations for  

participation in  



Board members are encouraged to attend the VSBA  Annual Convention and new members are encouraged to  attend new member orientation.

Expectations for  

participation in  

meetings and  


Board members are expected to attend all school board  meetings and joint meetings with city council, etc.

When and how the  

board evaluates the  superintendent

The superintendent is evaluated each May. The full board  will meet with the superintendent to share the results.

When and how the  

board conducts a self evaluation

The board will conduct an annual self-evaluation.

When and how the  

board monitors and  updates the school 

board’s strategic plan

The strategic plan is reviewed at least once a year.

Adopted: May 11, 2021

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